Chapter 3: Barn Boys – Conker’s Bad Fur Day Guide


Chapter 3: Barn Boys – Conker’s Bad Fur Day Guide

Your first task in this crazy farmland lies across the stream and up the stairs to the right. There you will encounter a most noxious mouse named Marvin. Also

Conker’s Bad Fur Day – Walkthrough Part 2 – Barn Boys Chapter, part 1

Part 2 of my Conker’s Bad Fur Day Walkthrough. Bees, big BREASTED Sunflowers, and talking money.. OH MY.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day Longplay [720P]

Conker’s Bad Fur Day Longplay

Important Information:
You can jump higher after you crouch (Z) and then jump
You need to collect money you need 1000 $ (3:08:28) and 2100 $ (4:44:29)

What I think about this game:

Well it is a tech demo for N64, it shows off how powerful N64 actually was, and It is a good game, of course you should overlook this games obsession with excrements, who ever thought this was a good idea needs mental help.

Well all that is good but what do I really think about this game, Well I think it is a good game, BUT I HATE IT!!!! I hate the main character!!! I hate the toilet humor I honestly didn’t thought this game was trying to be funny, but according to wikipedia the developers intended it to be. The only funny situation in this game is when you meet the gargoyle in the beginning of the game. Other then that i were dying inside. Begging god to end this game. What is pomni real name? The Virtual Circus is where dreams come true! The most exciting performances, interesting interactive shows and much more.

This game doesn’t have a story, it has just random events with more or less familiar characters and the recurring Conker is uninteresting undeveloped character, What is his motive what keeps him going?

The gameplay is very hard, I honestly thought quitting various times, but still pushed on, I played it for 16 hours straight. I had a mental breakdown and thought that if I go to hell I know what one of the torture will be (forcing me to play this shit), the biggest problem i had is not having the opportunity to invert the controls.

The game has very impressive graphics but it suffers from N64 well know limitations, bad textures and because of again well know limitations the sound quality isn’t good at all. It’ painful to listen.

I know this game has fan following but certainly i am not one of them

Written Walkthroughs that i found useful

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Conker’s Bad Fur Day Walkthrough: BarnBoys! Part III

So after helping King Bee to pollinate the sunflower you will have to discover what’s inside the barn so head over there and check the vid!

In this part i show:
– Sunny Days Part II
– Barry + Co
– Buff You Part I

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