Insight – Bloodborne Guide

Over the course of the game, you will gain Insight, but you never really find out what it does. Time for that to change, so read on to learn all we know about

Bloodborne First Insight


Easy Guide to Early Insight in Bloodborne

just a video i put together to help my friend who is bad at bloodborne collect as much insight in the first area of bloodborne as possible to make summoning easier. hope it helps yall too. not meant to be a comprehensive guide to the area as there is a shit-ton of stuff i missed.
yeah my mic is quiet as shit but nothing i say in this video matters. sorry for the framerate drops in some areas, the ps4 pro is not that great. Play Gunstar Heroes online at experience classic action.

Bloodborne – How To Get Your 1st Insight

a Quick Guide To Get To Your 1st Madman’s Knowledge / Insight In Bloodborne – Location Central Yarnum

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