New Horizons – Guild Wars 2 Guide


New Horizons – Guild Wars 2 Guide

There are two important notes that help determine the code needed for the achievement. There are other consoles and notes scattered around that provide

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Сегодня у меня в гостях megai2 (правильно читать “мегАл”). Этот тот парень, который заставил работать GW2 на Direct X 12. Он расскажет немного о себе, немного о своей идее и, конечно, немного о своем отношении к Guild Wars 2! Поддержать работу человека вы можете лично. Все ссылки даны ниже!

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A Stronger Start: A Guild Wars 2 Guide for New Players 2022 (comedy/guide) – All 3 Expansions

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Installation and Server Choice
2:23 Warrior
2:41 Guardian
3:06 Revenant
3:48 Ranger
4:17 Thief
4:41 Engineer
5:11 Necromancer
5:42 Elementalist
6:30 Mesmer
7:39 Tutorial Area
9:47 PvP Area
10:08 Control Recomendations
11:00 Vistas
11:16 Hearts/Tasks
11:42 Points of Interest
11:50 Personal Waypoints
12:01 Waypoints
12:40 Hero Challenges
13:28 Scouts
13:50 Boons & Conditions
14:30 Managing Loot Basics
15:40 Story Quests (green icon)
16:02 Weapons
16:30 Gathering Tools
16:55 The Bank
17:20 Traits/Specializations
17:43 Achievements
18:00 Outro

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Thief Profession Spotlight – Guild Wars 2 Guide, Overview, and Build

Lurking in the shadows and attacking from unseen angles, the Thief is always one heartbeat away. Utilizing stealth, evasion, and elusiveness these difficult to catch assassins are at home in the darkness.

Do you have what it takes to master the shadows and become the unseen blade?

Thief Sample Leveling Build:

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The Thief is without a doubt one of the most challenging professions to learn as they don’t thrive in even matchups, but benefit from outnumbering and overwhelming opponents. Utilizing stealth speed and evasion to eliminate targets, the thief has a build for every situation. Challenge yourself and dominate the battlefield in Krunker IO at

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