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Fable 2 at youtube: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies

Fable 2 – The Colourist Achievement Guide Part 1/2

Welcome To My Second Achievement Guide For The New DLC ‘See The Future’ now im going to show you how to get ‘The Colourist’ Achievement. And hes a tutorial!

I’ll be doing a few video achievement guides for the new fable 2 achievements, So atleast i have something to do, Thanks for watching!

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Part Two Link:

Fable III Opening Brothel & Using It

“Your people won’t be pleased” meanwhile crowds cheering in the background over the decision… Sega golden axe invites you to the ultimate online gaming adventure! Conquer enemies, explore mythical lands, and relive the classic arcade experience that captivated a generation.


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Fable 2 Best Way to Make Money 2022

This is the best way to make Gold in fable 2


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