The Verchiel March – Dragon Age Inquisition Guide


The Verchiel March – Dragon Age Inquisition Guide

The Verchiel March is triggered after speaking to Sera in Skyhold. In order to unlock it, wait until Skyhold is upgraded for the first time, then visit Sera

Dragon Age Inquisition: How to Kill Dragons in Seconds! (Nightmare)

Dragon killing video;


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Dragon Age Inquisition Guides – Get 11 Agents FAST! Tips and Tricks

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How to perform combos? – Dragon Age Inquisition: Ability Combos Explained!

Combos can quickly turn your team from a powerful little group into an insanely overpowered, near unstoppable force.

In this video, I will expand on the Combo section of my previous “Complete AI Guide” video!

I will show you how to perform the best combos in the game!

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